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The Puggle Stop, The home grown Puggle's of Louisiana


Here in Louisiana We strive to bring you the finest Quality of a puggle, From our selective purebreed of Beagle's, And Pug's. We only breed First Generation Puggle's, Due to the fact that they tend to take more after one gene or the other in the second generation breeding. The first generation you get half and half, which equal's one fine puggle. I have been raised around and owned beagle's all my life, since i was a child, And have grown to love the Puggle just as much, they are very well socialized, as my Grandson just loves to play with them, as with the beagle's, They truely are part of the family, So I decided to let everyone in on one of our best keep secrets of the most fun and loveing animals we have ever had the pleasure of being with, The Puggle.
    We also have our Pug's which some are AKC and some also CKC Reg. We breed both Pug's and Puggle's, which is a Hybrid from a purebred cross.Our kennel's is nestled back in the country where they can get plenty of rest, running,playing,and plenty of attention. We have had the Humaine Society frequent our estabishment on occaision, and always welcome them, as we are glad to have responsible people to police the area's, because one puppy mill is certainly one to many, and we have Zero tolerance to them, and will report them.
    I hope you find the pup of your life here, and if we can be of assistance feel free to call or e mail, Thank's.

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We are a sister kennel to the puggle stop, and
All these baby's are full of love.
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thepugglestop 3311 gray loop Deridder la (337) 375-4820 cell (337) 375-7880